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While we’re staying safe in our homes we look forward to seeing you online, where you can receive a variety of Library-approved services designed to educate, inform, entertain, and more! Going forward, we’ll offer an array of virtual events and services from storytimes to lectures to crafts and an in-depth look at the online resources we provide that include homework help, genealogy records, online language courses, job search assistance, and so much more. The GPLD Connects links will be available here.

GPLD CONNECTS Recommendations

Binge-Worthy Crime Series

Explore this selection of crime series from across the pond, including gritty detective shows, award-winning dramas, and cerebral police procedurals.

Fan of Mo Willems

These stories for beginning readers in kindergarten to grade 2 are full of humor and surprises!

Spy Novels New and Old

Delve into a selection of contemporary and classic spy novels. Navigate the cat-and-mouse games of Cold War espionage classics, follow the harrowing exploits of Second World War resistance networks, and discover new spy thrillers based on modern global conflicts.

Teen Romance

Grab your next favorite teen romance novel with a variety of own voices selections that explore the humor and heartbreak of falling in love.

Retold Folklore and Fairy Tales

Engage in the nostalgic feeling of these old tales full of place and character.

Man's Best Friend

Curl up with your furry friend and one of these great books for grades 3-5

Murder Mysteries 

These books will get your mind working and your blood pumping as you try to piece together the mystery behind the murder before the book ends.

Eye of the Tiger

These books are a roaring good time for readers birth to grade 2.

A Taste From Across the Sea

Craving something new from your kitchen? Try out these cookbooks for a taste that will have your mouth flying across the ocean.

Books with Bob

Have some outrageous read aloud fun about Bob with these picture books suitable for birth to grade 2.

Bilingual Picture Books

Bilingual Picture Books offer the opportunity to develop second language skills and expand cultural awareness. Celebrate reading in two languages!

Multi-Generational Reads

Explore the special relationships that develop between generations in these stories suitable for grades 4-8.

Locked Room Mysteries

Confined spaces lead to fascinating whodunits in these novels of mystery and murder!

A Need For Intrigue

Schemes, spies, and secrets reign in these mystery and suspense books for teens.

Tales of the Cold

Icy places full of storytelling that has winter as a backdrop.

Nighttime Reads

Grades 3-5 can grab a flashlight and curl up with these nighttime reads.


From books to movies, readers in grades 3-5 can explore the fascinating form of stop-motion animation!

If You Like Lee Child

Fans of Jack Reacher will love these suspense and thriller series.

A Number of Good Books

Here are a number of good books for grades 3-5 to enjoy!

Adrenaline Rush

These death-defying page-turners for middle school students will set hearts racing!

The Great Outdoors

These books for pre-K to grade 2 celebrate the adventure and beauty we find in nature. Share a story, then head outside and explore the great outdoors!

Written by Women

These non-fiction books written by women let you explore math, science, history, and nature.

2021 Newbery Winners

The Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, presents the Newbery Award annually to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children in grades 4-8.


Are these girls defined by their parentage or are they powerful women all their own? Read these wonderful stories to find out!

Amazing Women in Historical Fiction

Celebrate Women's History Month by reading these fascinating and amazing stories of women around the world!

Celebrate Women's History

These books for grades 3-5 highlight inspiring, trailblazing women.

Brave Historical Women

Well-behaved women seldom make history...or become the inspiring lead of a patriarchy-smashing historical Young Adult novel.

Amazing Entertainers

These captivating books for grades 3-5 are all about women who starred on stage and on screen.

Queens, Empresses, and Rulers

Dive into some historical fiction tales of real-life women who have worn a crown.

Amazing Athletes

Grades 3-5 can read about the best of the best in a variety of sports.

Heroic Women

These Young Adult books highlight many powerful women – read their amazing stories.

Women Inventors 

These picture book biographies of amazing female inventors are perfect for grades 3-5. Introduce these creative and brilliant women to your kids!

Female-Driven Suspense

Gripping tales of women who get way in over their heads, but who have the strength and determination to forge their own destinies, while perhaps solving a mystery or two!

All the World's a Stage

Readers in grades 4-8 should try these titles if they enjoy live theater, either as part of the production or as an audience member!

The Cover Was White

Don't remember the title but know the cover was white? Perhaps this selection of teen reads is what you are looking for!

Unconventional Boyfriends

Are human boyfriends boring you? Give these romantic heroes a try!

The Books of Pie

"Pie makes everyone happy." - Laurie Halse Anderson.

Fantasy Firsts

Want to explore a cool fantasy world but don’t know where to start? Check out one of these books for readers in grades 3-5 for a wonderful dive into fantasy!

Starry Night

These books for middle school students are all different, but they shine as bright at the stars!

City of Light

Take a trip from your armchair to Paris, the city of lights!

Out of This World

These books for readers in grades 3-5 are out of this world!

Bridgerton Readalikes

Fans of the Netflix Series "Bridgerton" will love these eBooks, too.


If you love folktales and fairy tales, these stories are for you!


We all love animals, introduce your beginner reader birth to grade 2 to these nonfiction books featuring simple text, large font, and amazing pictures!

Agatha Christie Adaptations

Can't get enough of Christie mysteries? Give these thrilling TV series and film adaptions of Christie's works a try!

Good Dogs!

Readers age 8-12 can cuddle up with some books about our furry best friends.

YA Award Winners 2021

These books for teens took home prestigious prizes.

Picture Book Biographies

Real people and real stories come to life through amazing illustrations, interesting and surprising stories, and just the right amount of information in these books for grades 3-5

Immigrant and Refugee Stories

A captivating selection of narratives examining immigration in America and the ongoing global refugee crisis.

Read Around the World

Have you ever wondered what life is like in other countries? Check out these beautiful stories from all over the world for readers birth to grade 2!

Trickster Tales

Trickster tales for pre-K through grade 2 originate in many different cultures and are used to entertain and teach lessons about how to behave and treat other people.

Diverse Classics

This collection of classic novels written by authors with diverse heritages and backgrounds represent the deep literary history of their cultures and are some of the best of classic literature.

Housing & Urban America

Examine the history of urban housing policies in America and issues like public housing, homelessness, racism, and social justice.

Abilities of All Kinds

Our bodies offer each of us different joys and challenges. In these books for readers ages 8-12, young people with disabilities and illnesses share their stories.

Black Girl Magic

Adventure with strong, Black female leads at their center. Give these young adult fantasy novels a try!

Black History Adult Nonfiction

Fascinating real-life stories to honor those who have had an influence on history.

Celebrate Black History

Let these stories of historical figures come to life in these beautifully illustrated picture books.

Black History True Stories

These books are perfect for readers in grades 3-5.

Black History Month

Explore different tales that take us through the decades and focus on Black lives.

Journals, Notebooks, Diaries 

These books for readers in grades 3-5 incorporate the diary/journal style of writing and, in doing so, allow the reader to feel closer to the characters.

Inspired by Real Events

Are you looking for something new and interesting to read? These fictional stories were all inspired in some way by real-life events.

Black in America

Read about some of the joys and struggles of being young and Black in America in these teen books.

Good Dogs!

Cuddle up with some books about our furry best friends suitable for readers ages 8-12.

Graphic Novels

Get carried away with the fun illustrations in these graphic novels for grades 3-5.

The Cover Was Pink

Don't remember the title but know the color of the cover? Try these Young Adult reads in delicious shades of pink.

Around the World

Travel the world with these stories from all across the globe designed for readers in kindergarten to grade 2.

Have We Met Memoirs

"Good things happen when you meet strangers." - Yo-Yo Ma.

Happy Socks

There is nothing better than handmade socks to make yourself or someone else happy.

Unusual Pets

Would you like to have any of these creatures as a pet? Readers birth to age 2 will enjoy these stories.

New Young Adult WWII Books

Discover the best Teen & Young Adult World War II Historical Fiction.

Football Favorites

Hey, football fans in grades 3-5, huddle up with a good book!

If You Liked "Educated"

Looking for a memoir as captivating as "Educated?" Try these eight titles sure to keep you reading until the last page.

Series for Beginning Readers

Get children in kindergarten through grade 2 hooked on reading with these series.

Marvelous Mothers

Life didn’t come with a manual. It came with a Mother.

Of Kings and Queens

These young royals rule the page! Take a dive into these fantastical tales for teen readers today.

Dear Diary

Experience life through someone else's eyes by reading these journals perfect for readers ages 8-12.

Real-Life Haunts

Not all ghost stories are fictional... Haunted houses, lingering spirits, and more abound in these thrilling and chilling real-life tales.

STEM Girls

These girls LOVE science. Read about the exciting ways they solve problems!

Hopeful Reads

"When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars." -Oscar Wilde.

Read Them...If You Dare

Are you brave enough to crack open these chilling tales suitable for readers in middle school and up?

On-Stage Stories

Calling all theater kids! Check out these books perfect for ages 8-12 and starring the many ways we can enjoy the stage.

Culinary Crime

Do you like cozy mysteries with a food theme? Then whet your appetite with these suggestions. You may even find a new recipe to try!

Scary Stories

Are you ready for some frightening fiction?

Yellow-Orange Reads

Can't remember the title but only the color of the cover? You are not alone, so try some of these yellow-orange reads!

Retro Reads

These books from the 1970s for grades 3-5 are fun for both the young and the young at heart.

New Nonfiction

We've added tons of new titles – whether you're into sports, video games, or K-Pop, we've got something for middle school students.

Open Spaces

Books about open spaces: “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” ― John Muir.

Really Cool People 

These real people lived interesting lives. Readers age 8-12 can earn about their experiences with these awesome biographies!

Favorite Read Alouds

These picture books for birth to age 2 feature humor, repetition, rhythm, and rhyme.

Robot Friends

Have you ever wanted a robot as a friend? Readers in grades 3-5 will enjoy these stories and discover how exciting robots can be!

For Fans of "The Crown"

If you love Netflix's "The Crown," you'll love these fascinating behind the scenes looks at members of the British royal family.

Home Sweet Home

Home is the abiding place of the affections. Find your style with these books.

To the Moon

Eight great books for fans of the cosmos ages 8-12!

Dystopian Classics

These are worlds you don't want to end up living in! Take a look through these classic dystopian tales, each more terrifying than the next.

Hot Off the Press

Discover awesome new books for readers in grades 3-5.

World Changing Women

These women made important discoveries, created wonders, and even committed serious crimes. In short, they influenced history!

Twin Trouble

Double the adventure and double the trouble in these books sure to delight readers in grades 3-5!

Behind the Scenes

Get the behind the scenes scoop on some of your favorite TV shows!

Retro Reads: 60s

These books from the 1960s are fun reads for grades 3-5 whether it's your first or 50th time checking them out!

Cat's Meow

Attention cat lovers! These picture books are the cat's whiskers for readers birth to age 2!

Comedic Ladies

You've seen these women on the screen, now try reading them in a book! These humorous memoirs from your favorite comedic ladies are sure to tickle your funny bone.


Mystery and detective chapter books for elementary Super Sleuths in grades 3-5!

Feminist Greek Mythology

Greek mythology doesn't belong to male heroes anymore! Hear things from the female perspective as they retell classic Greek myths in new and fantastical ways.

Novels in Verse

Get swept away by these powerful stories for readers ages 8-12 that read like poetry.


Laugh out loud with these hilarious humor titles for middle schoolers.

Odd Pets

Cats and dogs are great, but have you ever wanted a pet dinosaur? Any animal can be a pet according to these books for readers birth to age 2!

The Art of Finding Your Next Read

In a huge and varied world, we bring to you The Art of finding your next read!

Pig Picture Books

Pigs are more than their curly tails, pot bellies, and cute oinks. These picture books for readers birth to age 2 illustrate another side of the classic farm animals we know and love.

Adventure Awaits

Whether mysterious or epic, thrilling or chilling, an adventure awaits within the pages of these books for readers ages 8-12!

New Biographies and Memoirs

Browse and discover the latest titles in Biographies and Memoirs for your next read!

Family Craft Time!

Step away from technology and enjoy some family fun together!

Animal Rescue Series

Readers in grades 1 to 3 who love reading about sweet animals being rescued should check out these books!

Fantastic Fantasy

Looking for an exciting new world to visit? These magical stories for readers ages 8-12 will take you on some extraordinary adventures.

Can You Guess?

Who doesn't love a guessing game? Try these fun, interactive books for younger readers from preschool to grade 2!


Birds enrich our lives in many ways. They are beautiful to behold, melodious to listen to, and provide us with bird-watching as a hobby.

Picture Book Biographies

Readers in kindergarten through grade 3 can learn about these amazing people.

New on the Shelves

Still Looking for your next great read? Fans of non-fiction look no further!

Book First

Did you know these movies were books for middle school readers first? Read the book then watch the movie!

On Beyond Phonics

Is your child in grades K-2 ready to read and looking for a place to start? Give these books a try!

Stories that Span Decades

Engross yourself in one or more of eight sagas that take place over several decades.

Ready for Chapters

If your first or second grader is ready to start reading chapter books, these are the books for them - and you can find plenty more in our Early Chapter Books section at the Library!

Catch Up with the Classics

It's never too late - these eight titles are great places to start.

The Searcher

Tana French writes the most complex and atmospheric crime novels around, and her latest, "The Searcher," is no exception. After two decades on the Chicago Police force and following a painful divorce, Cal Hooper moves to Ireland to start over. However, he gets caught up in an investigation for a missing boy and learns that he didn't leave violence behind in the U.S. French is the modern master of the thinking person's crime novel, and she takes it to a new level with this book, says our Library Associate Ruth.

Under the Sea

Under the Sea: Readers in grades 3-5 can dive into the deep ocean and explore marine life.

OwnVoices Sci-fi and Fantasy

Discover new worlds in OwnVoices Science Fiction and Fantasy!

Imagine That

Spark your imagination with these playful books for readers birth to age 2!

New in Stitching

Calling all crafters! Here’s what’s new on the stitching front.

Royal Reads

Prince and Princess fans birth to grade 2 are sure to love these royal reads!

Romantic Graphic Novels

With beautiful illustrations, superb dialog, and diverse characters, these romances pop off the page and come to life in graphic novel form.

Animal Friendships

You'll be amazed by these remarkable and unlikely friendships between animals of all species in these books aimed at readers in grades 2-5

Novels to Read Together

These great family read-alouds will appeal to a range of ages and be an experience to remember.

Once Upon a Time, Redux

You may think you know the story, but you've never experienced fairy tales like these. Check out these updated twists on modern classics.


Explore the world of libraries in ways beyond what you have previously known. Prepare to be fascinated!

Adopt a Shelter Cat

Pets make life better, and shelters are full of animals who need a good home. Celebrate our feline friends by curling up with a book about one of these amazing creatures.


These characters might be a little unconventional, but they're super none the less! Save the day with these unlikely heroes for middle grade readers ages 8-12.

Female-Led Fantasy

Get into some girl power! These fantasy epics are the first in a series that are sure to hook readers with their combination of magic, romance, and adventure.

Crush Hour

Drama, intrigue, and a little bit of romance - discover these fun middle grade titles suitable for ages 8-12 for a great escape!

Code Read

Looking to start your journey in coding? Here are some kid-friendly titles for grades K-5 to teach you the basics!

American Cults

Take a deep dive into these fascinating true accounts of various cults, their leaders, and the terrible crimes they committed in service of their twisted belief systems.

Gross and Smelly Books!

Caution! Gross & Smelly Books: For kids in grades 2-5 (and parents!) who find foulness fascinating, try these reads.

Enemies to Lovers

Love is complicated, especially when you hate the person you are meant to be with!

Awesome Anthologies

Try out a bunch of different stories and voices in these collections. Perfect for when you're looking for something short but memorable!

Sci-Fi Graphic Novels

Cosmic fun awaits for readers in grades 2-5; grab one of these science fiction Graphic Novels!


Readers in grades 3-5, are you looking for that next great dinosaur read? Here's a thrilling, educational, and flat-out fun booklist just for you!

Get the Job You Want!

The Library has everything you need to prepare for your job hunt. These books cover everything from perfecting your resume to answering difficult interview questions.

Jail Break

Read about a variety of daring plans, escapes, and death-defying efforts to break free from confinement.

Schoolroom Drama

With a mix of humor and drama, these books prove that schoolroom intrigue is not limited to the kids, but often started by the adults!

Adult Picture Books

Some books hit home no matter how old you are. Look at these poignant titles audiences young and old will appreciate.

Choose Your Own Adventure!

Itching for an adventure? Readers in grades 3-5 can choose their own path with these awesome books.

Peter Pan Retellings

The classic tale of a boy who never grows up is retold in these eight novels filled with many recognizable characters, although their stories are not as we remember them.

Graphic Novels for Young Readers

These books are a great alternative to traditional early readers. Kids who enjoy reading become lifelong readers.

Military Thrillers

These action-packed, high octane reads offer unrelenting intrigue, espionage, and political fiction. Strap in for an explosive ride!

Magical Realism

Experience a little bit of magic in everyday life with these great reads for grades 3-5!

Great Reads for Gamers

Like video games? You'll love these gamer and gamer-adjacent titles.


Audiobooks for older readers in grades 4-8 can be enjoyable anytime – on a long car ride, before bed, or relaxing under a shady tree!

Nonfiction for Younger Readers

These nonfiction titles for readers in preschool through grade 2 will show them that true stories are cool!

Fractured Fairy Tales

If you enjoy fractured fairy tales and The Land of Stories series, try these titles recommended for grades 4 and 5 that are inspired by characters like Rapunzel, Prince Charming, and Rumpelstiltskin.

Weird Science

Books that stretch the boundaries of what science can accomplish. Bonus? Most of them are also hilarious.


The good, the bad, and the ugly of friendships.

Founding Fathers and Mothers

Learn more about the men and women who worked to establish our great nation!

Coffee Table Books

For a visual treat, bring home a Coffee Table Book.

Lots of Laughs

Readers in grades 1 & 2 with a good sense of humor will enjoy these stories with silly characters that will make them giggle!

Stories of Survival

These gripping adventures will leave you on the edge of your seat, breathless know what happens next.

New in the Middle Ground

Check out our hot-off-the-presses new fiction!

Magical Animals

Readers in first and second grade will love these Magical Animal Series, especially if they have ever wanted a magical animal for a friend.

Walt Whitman

Viewing the "Whitman Alabama Project" sparked a new joy to hear this poet's words. The project uses the book-length poem "Song of Myself," which was written in 1855. Whitman invites us to share the song, engaging materials, ideas, emotions, and affections. It's a big poem with big ideas, says our Library Associate Ruth.

Make Something Beautiful

"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world" - Brené Brown. Relax and rejuvenate with a new craft project!

Suspenseful Reads

A comfortable seat is required for these gripping, suspense-filled reads — they will keep you reading long after the sun goes down!

Junior Detectives

Young readers in first and second grade will enjoy these mystery series. Follow the clues and find out who did it!

Concentrated Awesome

Great stories of all kinds under 300 pages.


Dive into these eight novels which share a glimpse of the unconscious.

At the Zoo

Love animals? Explore our many books for readers in grades K-2 that will make you feel like you are at the zoo!

Spy Series

Have you ever wanted to be a spy? Check out these exciting adventures for readers in grades 3-5 that feature kids who save the day!

Inspiring and Feel Good Reads

Motivating and completely relatable, these books will move you!

Thrills and Chills

Is your middle grade reader a fan of thrills and chills? Check out these books!

Family Sagas

Try the first in a series, and get swept up in an engrossing family saga!

Meet Cute

The best part of any romance is always at the beginning, sometimes from the very first meeting!

Dog Days

The “dog days of summer” is an idiom based on astrology and the appearance of the dog star Sirius during the hot summer months. Take a break from the heat and enjoy these titles for readers in Kindergarten to second grade about real dogs who lived amazing lives.

Nonfiction Narratives

Nonfiction doesn't have to be dry and boring. These page-turning nonfiction titles are as engaging as fiction!

Turn Back Time

Travel back in time with these great books recommended for grades 3-6. Older readers who can't get enough history will love the books on this list!

Boarding School Books

Ever think your school is boring? Experience the boarding school life by reading one of these thrilling books!


Here's a tribute to everyone's favorite dessert. Get inspiration and ideas from these fabulous books.

Crazy Creatures!

Readers in grades 3 to 5 will enjoy these nonfiction crazy creatures and learn some fascinating facts!

Poetry Helps

Like a brisk walk outside, poetry can provide a healthy distraction; a meaningful change in perspective; nourishment for the soul.

Discover Crime Fiction

From old-school to cutting-edge, these Crime Fiction reads will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Do you love unicorns? Then you will love these magical books!

Armchair Travel

Unable to take a trip? The books on this list allow you to discover the world from the comfort of your home!

Gods Are Such Characters

From the smallest deities to the major gods of legend and scripture, their personalities are often larger than life! These eight titles give life not only to gods of various cultures around the world, but rewrite the stories we know of them.

Courtroom Drama

While you may not be sitting in an actual courtroom, these riveting courtroom dramas will leave you at the edge of your seat!

Memorable Journeys

Some journeys change you forever. Check out these books at

Learn Something New

Keep your brain sharp this summer with these fast-paced and fascinating nonfiction titles!

Summer Romance

These fun and fluffy romantic Young Adult stories offer a sunny perspective on life.

Historical Mystery

Embark on a Historical Mystery: Go back in time and solve a mystery with these first entries from eight popular and exciting historical mystery series.

Friendship Books

Friends can make the world a better place. Here are some books celebrating the gift of friendship that are perfect for our young readers ages 3 to 5!

Eat Your Books List

For those that love reading about food, from the home cook to the professional, this list covers it all.


Our Library Associate Ruth is a big fan of poetry, and highly recommends Rumi, a 13th Century Persian poet. His works will capture your heart, she says, and she shares one of her favorite Rumi works, the poem "The Guest House."

Miss Ginny's Favorite Author

Miss Ginny’s favorite author just had a birthday! Can you guess who it is? Join us to learn more about this amazing author.