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While we’re staying safe in our homes we look forward to seeing you online, where you can receive a variety of Library-approved services designed to educate, inform, entertain, and more! Going forward, we’ll offer an array of virtual events and services from storytimes to lectures to crafts and an in-depth look at the online resources we provide that include homework help, genealogy records, online language courses, job search assistance, and so much more. The GPLD Connects links will be available here.


Exercise For Kids With Miss Linky!

Let’s join Miss Linky for some fun fitness!

Star Wars Workout

This Star Wars Workout/Jedi Training is great for strength, calming and balance.

Toy Story 4 Workout

Join the “Toy Story 4” figures and try their workout moves!

Scarf Dance

For some active screen time, try this kids dance video.

Despicable Me and Minion Dance Workout

Let’s move to the “Despicable Me and Minion” dance workout!

“I’m In The Mood”

Sing and dance with Miss Nina and Piper to “I’m In The Mood” by Raffi.

Jungle Exercise for Kids

Join Miss Linky for an adventure through the jungle. Learn about some amazing animals, while staying fit and healthy at home!

Cat Party Dance-A-Long

Let’s join Koo Koo Kanga Roo's Cat Party (Dance-A-Long)!

Science Song With The Learning Station

We’ll combine music, movement, science and more with The Learning Station.

Skip Count With The Learning Station

We’ll join The Learning Station for action, dance, brain breaks, movement, exercise, and fun learning songs.

Dance Party! With Bounce Patrol

Let's have a dance party! We’ll jump, clap, stomp, and shake our tail feathers to the music.

Icky Sticky Bubble Gum with The Learning Station

We’ll join The Learning Station for action, dance, brain breaks, movement, exercise, and fun learning songs.

Fred the Moose with The Learning Station

Let’s get up and move to the Fred the Moose song!

Trolls With Cosmic Kids

Let’s join Cosmic Kids on an adventure in yoga poses - as we help the Trolls bring happiness to the world!

The Walking Song

Let’s get moving to the Walking Song! Walking walking hop hop hop!

Fabio's Meatball Run

Jump, duck, and dodge around obstacles to help Moose Fabio deliver delicious, juicy meatballs to his GrandMoose Filomena.

3 Little Pigs With Cosmic Kids

Let’s join Cosmic Kids for a Three Little Pigs adventure!

Zumba Kids - I Like To Move It

Learn some Zumba moves in today’s segment!

Five Little Monkeys Dance Along

It's time for action - let's dance along to Five Little Monkeys on the bed – and more!

The Wiggle Dance

Ready to move? The Kiboomers will teach us the Wiggle dance!

The Wizard of Oz With Cosmic Kids

This weekend yoga series with Cosmic Kids features the Wizard of Oz (and puppies!) Let’s get moving!

"Old Town Road"

Time for action: Let's dance along to "Old Town Road" with Kidz Bop.

Boom Chicka Boom

Let’s dance along to Boom Chicka Boom with The Kiboomers!

Daily Dance Break With Kidz Bop

Let’s take a dance break with Kidz Bop!

Monster Moves

Let's get up and get active. It's time for some monster moves!

"The Goldfish (Let's Go Swimming)"

Let’s go "swimming" on this beautiful day and have some fun.

I Can Move My Body Like Anything

Move your body with fun dances, shake like a salt shaker, roll like a roller coaster, pop like popcorn, wave like the ocean, and more!

Body Boogie

Time for a Brain Break with Body Boogie! Let's get up and move.

Shake Break

Let’s take a “Shake Break” and get moving!

Jungle Safari Yoga!

Cosmic Kids Yoga takes us on a jungle safari. It's a great way to be active indoors on a rainy day!

Animals In Action

Animals in Action will get us moving and working on listening skills!

Spider Power Yoga

Let’s combine Spider-hero powers with some cool yoga and get moving!

Moana Yoga Adventure

We’re going on a journey to Motunui - in yoga poses - for this adventure based on “Moana.”

The Force Awakens Yoga

Let’s enjoy a kids’ yoga adventure based on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens!”

Cosmic Kids Dance Party

Let’s mix some yoga and music for a fun dance party with Cosmic Kids!


Time to move, let’s get some action by jumping along with the Mac Dad, the Daddy Mac AND Kris Kross.

Hop a Little, Jump a Little

Time for some action: let's hop and jump with The Kiboomers!

Wind the Bobbin Up

Let’s clap and move to the "Wind the Bobbin Up" song with The Kiboomers!

Top Dog

Top Dog is going to lead us through some fun music and movement!

Simon Says

Ready for “Simon Says?” Let’s join The Kiboomers for a musical game.

Dancing Robots

Ready to move to “Dancing Robots?” Don’t worry, they’ll break down all the moves.

Walking Walking Hop Hop Hop!

Let’s get up and move to the “Walking Walking Hop Hop Hop Song” with the Kiboomers.

Macaroni Soup with Miss Carole

Get up, sing, and move - Macaroni Soup with Miss Carole is back!

Debbie Doo & Friends

Join Debbie Doo & Friends for the Star Jump! It’s a great way to add some physical activity to the day.

"Run the World" Dance Workout

Time for a dance break! Let’s learn some new moves and get our heart rates up.

Dinosaur Stomp

Let’s get moving and do the Dinosaur Stomp with The Kiboomers!

Macaroni Soup with Miss Carole

Get up, sing, and move with Macaroni Soup with Miss Carole, one of GPLD’s favorite performers!

Kids 20 Minute Workout

Got 20 minutes? That’s all you need to get your blood flowing with moves that include Soccer Dribble, Ski Hops, Goalie Saves, and go Surfing!

Danger Force

Join the Danger Force for some fun – and safe – movement while trying to catch gumballs!

Poppin' Bubbles

Ready for some action? Sing, dance, and pop the bubbles with Flo Yo!

"Into the Unknown"

Dance along to songs like "Into the Unknown" from Frozen 2, and have some fun!

Freeze Dance

Join us for the "Freeze Dance," which will also help your little ones learn to count to 100.

Adventures in Scavenger Hunting

Our Friends at Adventures in Scavenger Hunting have 4 printable scavenger hunts available to keep you busy - including one set in Geneva: one for in your house, one for in your car or one for your physical distancing walk. Have fun!

"Can't Stop The Feeling"

Time to move! Dance along with the Trolls to the hit song “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”

"Frozen 2": Make Your Move

Time for some action! Move along, FREEZE, and feel the magic with all your favorite characters from “Frozen 2!”

Family Fun Cardio

This family workout has cardio moves that feel like games and challenges where the winner gets prizes — like choosing what's for dinner – and you can do it indoors or outside!

Family Dance Party

Join The Feelingwells for a dance party, a fun story, and lots of movement!

Out for a Walk Scavenger Hunt

It's time to enjoy some fresh air. Take this “Out for a Walk Scavenger Hunt” along and be sure to practice safe physical distancing!

Pokémon Yoga

Ready for action? Enjoy Pokémon: A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure, which provides plenty of fun and movement!

Bunny Bounce!

Do the Bunny Bounce with Cosmic Kids, a great resource recommended by Geneva Park District to keep you moving and motivated from the comfort of your own home!

Coco the Butterfly

Live your best life and do some Butterfly Yoga with Cosmic Kids, a great resource recommended by Geneva Park District to keep you moving and motivated from the comfort of your own home.

Geneva Park District 30 Minute Workout

It's a beautiful day to get your family outside and moving! Geneva Park District's Fitness Instructor Andrea Cladis-Hodge offers 30 minutes of fun, starting with a warmup, boxing (you can use water bottles or something easy to hold while you move), bodyweight exercises, and some barre work (you can use deck railings or a tree or another sturdy object for balance). You can do this workout indoors or enjoy some sun and fresh air!