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While we’re staying safe in our homes we look forward to seeing you online, where you can receive a variety of Library-approved services designed to educate, inform, entertain, and more! Going forward, we’ll offer an array of virtual events and services from storytimes to lectures to crafts and an in-depth look at the online resources we provide that include homework help, genealogy records, online language courses, job search assistance, and so much more. The GPLD Connects links will be available here.


Intro to Excel

Learn some basic tips to help you navigate Excel spreadsheets from our Learning & Innovation Manager Tony. Take your skills to the next level and discover how to format and manage data on Excel spreadsheets - and more - in our hands-on virtual lesson, Intro to Excel, at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 23. Sign up now here.

15 Wolves You Won't Believe Actually Exist

These are some of the most amazing wolves, you won’t believe actually exist.

Why Are Sharks Afraid of Dolphins?

Why are sharks afraid of dolphins? How can it be that such fearless predators are afraid of the cute and playful dolphins? Let’s learn more from Wonders of the World.

Black Rhinos

Let’s get to know more about Black Rhinos, courtesy of Brookfield Zoo.

Tropical Butterfly Tour

Step into a tropical oasis where live butterflies, such as the beautiful Blue Morpho and other species, flit around lush vegetation.

Horned Lizard

Have you ever seen a horned lizard? It’s pretty amazing, and a sight you won’t forget.

River Otters

Let’s hang out with the river otters at Brookfield Zoo!


We’ll visit Brookfield Zoo and learn how they care for and train their dolphins.


Let’s see the Penguin chicks at the Bronx Zoo start swimming.

Marineland Dolphin Adventure

Let’s meet and learn about the animals at Marineland Dolphin Adventure.

How Chocolate Is Made

We’ll visit a chocolate factory and learn how they make this delicious treat – from farm to factory.

Animal Courtship Displays and Nesting Ways

We’ll learn about animal courtship displays and nesting ways from the Cooperative Nature School at The Trustees Moose Hill Farm.

Goats at Beekman Farm

Let’s see what’s going on with the goats at the 219-year-old Beekman Farm in Sharon Springs, NY.

Spotted Jellies

Celebrate the beautiful boneless wonders of the ocean! Jellies, like the white-spotted jellies, often travel in groups known as blooms, smacks, or swarms.

Porcupine Meets Sea Lions

What happens when a porcupine meets a sea lion? We’ll stop by Brookfield Zoo and find out!

Old-School Salisbury Steak

Chef Dave is going to show us how to make old-school Salisbury Steak with a sage & mushroom gravy.

African Bullfrogs

Check out these giant African Bullfrogs. We’ll see their feeding, and more!


Let’s learn about salamanders, from their underground winter burrows all the way to the breeding pools and back.

Beluga Whales

What do you think the Beluga whales are up to at Georgia Aquarium? Let’s take a look!

Polar Bears

What has Hudson the Polar Bear been up to? We’ll stop by Brookfield Zoo to find out!


Let’s hang out with some meerkats at the Cincinnati Zoo and see what they do!


Let’s tune in to the Decorah, Iowa eagle's nest and see what’s going on today.

Virtual Tour of Pharoh Ramses's VI's Tomb

Let’s take a close-up look at Pharoah Ramses VI’s tomb!

Malaysian Tigers

Did you know tigers like to swim? Let’s watch the Malaysian tigers at the Bronx Zoo.

East Pacific Red Octopus

Let's get a close-up look at an east Pacific red octopus at Shedd Aquarium.


Okapi are some of the coolest, most unique mammals on the planet. Let’s visit Brookfield Zoo and learn more!

Sea Lions in the Channel Islands

Ready to take a virtual dive with sea lions in the Channel Islands? Let's join them!

Grey Seal Pups

Brookfield Zoo is showing us their gray seal pups!


What are the hippos at Cincinnati Zoo up to? Let’s take a virtual visit and see!

Martian Rover Game

Ready to explore Mars? In this game, drive a rover on Mars and collect information about Martian rocks!

"Polar Bears on the Tundra"

Experience "Polar Bears on the Tundra" and learn about the Arctic ecosystem, adaptations, sea ice habitat, and more.

Flight with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Let’s talk flight with Bill Nye the Science Guy. Learn how air pressure lets us fly.


Did you know Brookfield Zoo has two new lions? Brutus and Titus are brothers – and you get to meet them online!


Have you ever met a tamandua? Let’s stop by the Cincinnati Zoo and get acquainted with Isla!

Penguins at the Monterey Bay Aquarium 

Monterey Bay Aquarium has a live cam on their penguins! Let’s see what they’re doing.

Giant Tortoises

Let's get a close-up look at giant tortoises!

Centrifugal Force with The Dad Lab

Explore centrifugal force with the The Dad Lab. This is what you’ll need:

- Empty Jar (about 500ml)
- Small Bouncy Ball (about 25mm)
- Paper cup
- Sharp pencil
- String

Green Anaconda

Ready to get a close-up look at a green anaconda? It’s the biggest species of snake in the world.

Seattle Aquarium Virtual Field Trip

Let’s visit the Seattle Aquarium and learn about the animals and the food web that can be found in Puget Sound waters.

Green Iguana

Learn about the fascinating green iguana in this video from Nature in Your Face. You know them through Library programs as the Traveling World of Reptiles.


Let's Go Live at the Toronto Zoo and discover what giraffes like to eat - and more!